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I have been on a sock bunny kick and somehow accidentally made Merlin and Arthur sock bunnies.  They now live on my nightstand and make out when nobody's looking. <3

You can see pictures here at my journal.
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I crocheted a Merlin doll and an Arthur doll. Merlin has been finished for about a year and 5/6 months and Arthur was finally completed a few days ago (he was shirtless for about a year).

I thought I should share them with the fandom.

Crafty pics this way... )

This will likely be x-posted in a few places, so I apologise if you end up seeing this several times.
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I work in a library, and the staff were asked to make crests for our medieval themed summer reading program. I knew I had to do it when I got the red felt crest shape. Those wings are a total pain in the butt to get right, and I'm still not 100% happy, but it came out better than previous wing attempts. I used gold fabric and gold fabric paint. It may be a teeny bit blurry because it's hard to keep the phone study while I'm hitting the button, so I apolotgize. I'm still going to do a shirt like this, and I'll upload when it's done. Need to show off my necklace too *sigh*

I don't see a tag that fits this one...apologies for not tagging.

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And so the last of my three girls is finished with Morgause...

(Click for more pics and my OT3 of cute)
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If this has popped up all over your friends list already blame Merlin I apologise. But I made a mini Merlin and wanted to share. :)

Wanna see more? {Click Me!}
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Hello everyone :)
I finally got around to making a hat inspired by one of my favorite shows!

click the picture to view a bigger version~

Thanks for looking! 
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I had this great idea for a Merlin-themed sweatshirt. It was based off of the druid cloak Morgana was given during The Nightmare Begins. I vaguely remember there being a super cool symbol on the back while she was wearing it. However, I can't seem to find it in any screencaps. If anyone knows where it is, what it looks like, or if I'm simply just hallucinating, please comment with answers!

Thank you!
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Hello, Merlin-type crafty people! I bring you the Pendragon pumpkin in time for Halloween.

Materials and tools:
• a pumpkin, gutted and prepped for carving
this stock art by [livejournal.com profile] reni_m of the Pendragon crest, printed out, sized to your pumpkin
• tape
• candle
• carving tools (I was able to find these in a cheap kit from the supermarket):
  - pounce wheel (it looks like a little spur)
  - tiny saw
  - little stabby thing like a toothpick

Process and results! )

I carved this one a bit early this year, so I'm thinking about getting another pumpkin next week. Anyone have ideas for a companion Merlin-related design?
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Welcome One and All

to the

Make Mine Medieval Craft-Along!

The new series is upon us, so it's time to get crafting! Anything medieval-y or Merlin-y is fair game. Let's see just how creative we can be!

The craft-along will run throughout the third series. Feel free to share FO's and UFO's at any time. We love tutorials, too, if you have a chance to tell us how you did it! And if you're having trouble deciding what to make, or stuck in a crafty tight spot in the middle of a project, don't forget your fellow Merlin crafters are always here to provide encouragement, inspiration, and assistance!

In fact, why don't we start off with a dose of inspiration to get us going? I've got a few links to cool things I've bookmarked, and if you do too, we'd love to hear about it! Tell us in the comments and I'll add 'em to this post.

Hopefully inspiring links:

  • pattern for a Fierce but Really Friendly Dragon [free pattern; crochet]

  • the book Creepy Cute Crochet has an adorable knight pattern, and a Nosferatu that can double as Merlin - it's in the ears :) [@ $11US; crochet]

  • and the Creepy Cute author's website outlines how to modify one of her patterns into a Druid [pattern expansion; crochet]

  • Simplicity has some great costume patterns out right now - these capes remind me of Morgana, as do these dresses [@ $10US on website, spotted at Hobby Lobby last week for 99 cents; sewing]

  • here's a step by step chainmaille jewelry tutorial [free tutorial, jewelry-making]

    (Anyone already know what they're going to make?)
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Tutorial on how to make it is in my journal. Here's the link.

It's relatively easy, mostly knowing how to do straight stitch sewing and using hot glue for sticking on the feathers!

And here it is being worn by my kid!

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So I finally got around to making some Merlin inspired perfumes (I have a side business making perfume oils) and I thought I'd share the little 'blurb' here, along with some ....author's note as it were.

Camelot - Petitgrain, Cinnamon, Musk and Myrrh
Very old and regal smelling to me, with a hint of citrus and a touch of spice

Merlin - Pomegranate, Frankincense and Peach.
I wanted to make him slightly mysterious, with layers, but still light and playful, so he gets some fruity exotic smells.

Arthur - Orange, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Musk and Cedar
The citrus and spice theme shows up again with the crown prince of Camelot, with a bit of added 'woodsiness' and touches of nature and the old religion

Morgana - Pomegranate, Myrrh, Amber and Sandalwood
Morgana is full on mysterious, exotic. rich sandalwood and amber. Slightly seductive.

Gwen - Vanilla, Honeysuckle and Sage
Gwen, like Arthur hints back to Camelot, with homey, citrus, floral scents.

So, what does everyone think?
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Please visit my journal here :D

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Since the first time I watched Merlin 1.05, I've been kind of obsessed with this Gaius quote: "Destiny and desserts are not the same thing". I don't know why, but I find it extremely funny. XD I wanted to embroider it on something, and it turned into this refurbished tote bag!

not the same )

Mod, I tagged this as sewing, since there was no embroidery tag.


Aug. 7th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Hi everyone! Tutorials and craft along were the top two vote-getters, that's where we'll start. We'll begin the craft along when the series comes back in September, and try to get the tutorials going now.

So, calling all crafters! Have you made something cool and Merlin-y? Would you be willing to share with the rest of us how you did it? Please comment below! I'd like to gather a few volunteers and come up with a loose posting schedule before we kick off.

Please include in your comment:

subject of your tutorial:
when you might be able to post:

(I'm not looking for an exact date, just a general idea of when's good and when's bad for you over the course of August-September)

A few bits of housekeeping:

+ Tutorials should be as detailed you can make them. There will be people reading who are experienced in your craft, and there will be novices. Our goal is for everyone to come away saying, "Hey, I could try that!"

That being said, don't stress as you're writing. People can always ask for clarification in comments if need be.

+ Please include pictures! If you need help with hosting, let me know. Seeing the final product gives us something to aim for; steps along the way would be very helpful, but if you've already made the item and didn't document at the time, don't worry.

+ If you used an existing pattern in creating your craft, whether a free one or one available commercially, please point us to the source. The only patterns we can host here are ones you created yourself.

+ Any questions or comments, let me know!
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When it's too hot to go outside (or too cold, for those of you enjoying winter right now!) that means it's time to craft! What would you all like to see at the comm this summer?

Some ideas include:

+ tutorials (members who have made nifty things share how they did it)

+ pattern and resource round ups (members give links to things Merlin-y and medieval-y - for ex, a pattern for knitted gauntlets, or where to buy a great dragon cake mold)

+ craft along (we pick a theme and interpret it in our own crafty ways)

+ craft swap (exchange crafty packages with other members)

If you have any other ideas, please share in comments!

And now, a handy poll:

[Poll #1589782]
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Hey guys,  I'm not sure anyone is still alive in here *prods* ;) but I just wanted to show off share the nifty Pendragon crest jacket I made tonight.

Bigger - and another - picture over here.
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Project Diversity at Kinkme Merlin is now open to rare medium prompts and fills, starting with page nine of this post. Check it out if you get a chance, maybe you've got a prompt idea to leave, or you'll see one that fills you with crafty inspiration!

As of today, there are already some prompts that might speak to us crafters - this one for Gwen/Morgana, for ex, and this one for a pattern for Gwen/Morgana fingerless gloves.


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