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I have been on a sock bunny kick and somehow accidentally made Merlin and Arthur sock bunnies.  They now live on my nightstand and make out when nobody's looking. <3

You can see pictures here at my journal.
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If this has popped up all over your friends list already blame Merlin I apologise. But I made a mini Merlin and wanted to share. :)

Wanna see more? {Click Me!}
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Hello everyone :)
I finally got around to making a hat inspired by one of my favorite shows!

click the picture to view a bigger version~

Thanks for looking! 
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Tutorial on how to make it is in my journal. Here's the link.

It's relatively easy, mostly knowing how to do straight stitch sewing and using hot glue for sticking on the feathers!

And here it is being worn by my kid!

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Please visit my journal here :D

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Since the first time I watched Merlin 1.05, I've been kind of obsessed with this Gaius quote: "Destiny and desserts are not the same thing". I don't know why, but I find it extremely funny. XD I wanted to embroider it on something, and it turned into this refurbished tote bag!

not the same )

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Hey guys,  I'm not sure anyone is still alive in here *prods* ;) but I just wanted to show off share the nifty Pendragon crest jacket I made tonight.

Bigger - and another - picture over here.
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I just finished sewing some clothes for my Taeyang Colin!doll... ^^;

I am really happy with the results considering this is the first time I've ever attempted to customize one of my dolls! This is what he originally looked like: CLICK!

I got him a new pair of eyes (although he'll get darker ones soon?) and a new wig to make him look more like Colin/Merlin! XD!

He's not alone, either! He's got Bradley!Doll to go on awesome adventures with around my living room! ;) I still need to fix him a better Arthur costume, though... He's currently wearing a Ken outfit. *headdesk!* Does anyone have any ideas for Arthur's costume? I have no idea what to do for chainmail!

Picture of Bradley!doll in his current Arthur get-up + MOAR MERLIN? )

I hope it's okay to post this here! I know it's not conventional crafting, but... X.x; I will be making more outfits for them as soon as I get my sewing machine back from repairs - I absolutely fail at sewing by hand. Would anyone be interested in updates on my boys? *hopeful smile!*
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I'm going to the BFI Merlin screening next month and I wanted something silly to wear. And then I got this idea into my head that wouldn't go away. So I found a workable top, some brightly coloured embroidery thread and decided that I hadn't done any needlework in far too long a time.

The result is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek Gwen/Morgana slogan shirt:

This is what happens when you mix Merlin DVDs, extreme boredom and mad needlework skillz... )
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I made Merlin and Arthur plushies a while ago; I had a request to make Gwen and Morgana, so I thought I would share pictures of them now that I've finally finished! I still hope to make Uther and Gaius one day!

A few pictures under here! )

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Hi! I x-posted this in a few places, and then someone tipped me off to this comm so I'm posting here as well.

( Follow the fake cut... )
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I posted these guys a little while ago in [livejournal.com profile] merlinbbc, but this seemed like the perfect thing to post here as well! My friend and I have been in the business of making plushies of our favorite TV show characters for a while now. So when another friend suggested that I make Merlin plushies, I couldn't resist!

I'm not sure what to tag this with, since the only tag I can view is the mod post one. If you need me to change anything, just let me know!

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