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I have been on a sock bunny kick and somehow accidentally made Merlin and Arthur sock bunnies.  They now live on my nightstand and make out when nobody's looking. <3

You can see pictures here at my journal.
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I crocheted a Merlin doll and an Arthur doll. Merlin has been finished for about a year and 5/6 months and Arthur was finally completed a few days ago (he was shirtless for about a year).

I thought I should share them with the fandom.

Crafty pics this way... )

This will likely be x-posted in a few places, so I apologise if you end up seeing this several times.
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Please visit my journal here :D

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I just finished sewing some clothes for my Taeyang Colin!doll... ^^;

I am really happy with the results considering this is the first time I've ever attempted to customize one of my dolls! This is what he originally looked like: CLICK!

I got him a new pair of eyes (although he'll get darker ones soon?) and a new wig to make him look more like Colin/Merlin! XD!

He's not alone, either! He's got Bradley!Doll to go on awesome adventures with around my living room! ;) I still need to fix him a better Arthur costume, though... He's currently wearing a Ken outfit. *headdesk!* Does anyone have any ideas for Arthur's costume? I have no idea what to do for chainmail!

Picture of Bradley!doll in his current Arthur get-up + MOAR MERLIN? )

I hope it's okay to post this here! I know it's not conventional crafting, but... X.x; I will be making more outfits for them as soon as I get my sewing machine back from repairs - I absolutely fail at sewing by hand. Would anyone be interested in updates on my boys? *hopeful smile!*
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