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Hello, Merlin-type crafty people! I bring you the Pendragon pumpkin in time for Halloween.

Materials and tools:
• a pumpkin, gutted and prepped for carving
this stock art by [livejournal.com profile] reni_m of the Pendragon crest, printed out, sized to your pumpkin
• tape
• candle
• carving tools (I was able to find these in a cheap kit from the supermarket):
  - pounce wheel (it looks like a little spur)
  - tiny saw
  - little stabby thing like a toothpick

Process and results! )

I carved this one a bit early this year, so I'm thinking about getting another pumpkin next week. Anyone have ideas for a companion Merlin-related design?
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Tutorial on how to make it is in my journal. Here's the link.

It's relatively easy, mostly knowing how to do straight stitch sewing and using hot glue for sticking on the feathers!

And here it is being worn by my kid!


Aug. 7th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Hi everyone! Tutorials and craft along were the top two vote-getters, that's where we'll start. We'll begin the craft along when the series comes back in September, and try to get the tutorials going now.

So, calling all crafters! Have you made something cool and Merlin-y? Would you be willing to share with the rest of us how you did it? Please comment below! I'd like to gather a few volunteers and come up with a loose posting schedule before we kick off.

Please include in your comment:

subject of your tutorial:
when you might be able to post:

(I'm not looking for an exact date, just a general idea of when's good and when's bad for you over the course of August-September)

A few bits of housekeeping:

+ Tutorials should be as detailed you can make them. There will be people reading who are experienced in your craft, and there will be novices. Our goal is for everyone to come away saying, "Hey, I could try that!"

That being said, don't stress as you're writing. People can always ask for clarification in comments if need be.

+ Please include pictures! If you need help with hosting, let me know. Seeing the final product gives us something to aim for; steps along the way would be very helpful, but if you've already made the item and didn't document at the time, don't worry.

+ If you used an existing pattern in creating your craft, whether a free one or one available commercially, please point us to the source. The only patterns we can host here are ones you created yourself.

+ Any questions or comments, let me know!


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