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this is an updated version of something i posted in my LJ the other day...


the bbc seems not yet to have caught up on fannish merchandise needs. while i was spending a fortune for assorted photo gifts for christmas anyway, i went ahead and experimented a bit with the high-res (AS IF!!!) pictures/stills provided at the bbc merlin site.

the large wallpapers come at 1024x768 px, at a resolution of 72 dpi. that's fine for using them as wallpapers, not so much if one wants to make actual prints from them.

i used photoshop to enhance the resolution to 300 dpi. i assume every other graphics programme will do, too. do NOT resize the picture, keep it at the original picture size of 36,12x27,09 cm and let the programme recalculate the pixels with a 300 dpi resolution. you'll end up with something like 4266x2845 px.

actually your second number will be slightly higher, i cropped the pictures to a standard 2x3 format, so i could make standard prints from them.

WHEN you crop your picture does not matter. before adjusting the resolution or after, same difference. however, you'll need to crop to a 2x3 format (and detail/cutout of your liking) so the photo lab does not do it for you at their discretion, possibly cutting away your most favourite bit. that way you can also get rid of the bbc writing on most pictures. they placed it mostly at the bottom and you'll have to reduce the relative heigth of the pictures anyway to achieve standard 2x3 format.

i had 20x30 cm prints developed from the thus altered files (each blows up to about 3,9 mb file size). they look spectacular and one does NOT see that they came from sources with a much smaller resolution.

i also made a wallplanner for 2009 which is 29,7x42 cm large. i used a 30% brightness version of my favourite picture as a background and the calendar is printed over it. i recommend an even lighter setting (perhaps 20% or even only 15% brightness) for your own attempts, since it's still very saturated and makes the actual calendar hard to read. it looks stunning, though and i can't wait to put it up above my desk.

with this larger size than the original picture (24,09x36,12 cm) one does begin to notice pixels/blocks when looking at it up close. however, it's acceptable and not noticeable from a couple of feet away, which is usually the case with pictures on a wall.

prints up to a size of 30x45 cm can be developed from the 300 dpi files without significant quality loss. still larger prints get ridiculously expensive anyway.

most importantly (and qualifying this entry for this comm), i had a jigsaw puzzle made. it's absolutely gorgeous and i want to never put it away again. sadly, i need my desk space.


pictures of the jigsaw puzzle )


if anyone needs help converting the bbc files, drop me a line. if anyone has other ideas what things one could merlinize, drop me a line, too. cheers.

i DID use the "craft:photocraft" tag as we agreed, but it doesn't show up. what am i doing wrong? sorry.


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