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We're a week past the mailing date, so hopefully some of you have been receiving some packages! Comment here to tell your gifter (and the rest of us!) how awesome they and their crafts are!

(If you haven't seen your package by this time next week - November 2nd - please let me know.)

Thanks swappers! I hope everyone had fun!
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Hi crafters! So, the mailing deadline is just two weeks away, on Monday, October 19th. Please respond to this check-in post and let me know if things are moving along on schedule. If you see a problem with making the deadline, please let me know now!

A few mailing procedures to keep in mind:

1. Try to let your giftee know when you've mailed their package through email, LJ PM, LJ comment, etc. That way they can be on the lookout for it.

2. You'll want to take a picture of your items, and try to get some sort of proof of mailing from the post office (whether that's a payment receipt, customs form, delivery confirmation number, or something else). This way if something goes wrong in the mail, you'll have proof you did your part.

thanks all!
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For the knitters out there, the Merlin group on Ravelry is kicking off the new series with a Knit-a-Long of Morgana's fingerless gloves! Come join if you're interested!

Also, how are your craft swap projects coming? Remember, mailing date is October 19th, one month away! If there's anything you need (information about your giftee, etc), just let me know.
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A quick note re: the craft swap: I should be emailing your assignments in the next couple of days. It'll come from significantowl @ yahoo to the email you provided (subject line craft swap). If you don't see anything by Monday, give me a shout, here or at my email.
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Interested in participating in our first craft swap? Check out this post and sign up by Wednesday, August 19th!
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[livejournal.com profile] craftalot will be hosting its first craft swap! Let's all make Merlin things for each other!

Sign-up: by Wednesday, August 19th

Mailing date: by Monday, October 19th

That gives you two weeks to sign up, and two months to create & mail your craft.

Sign up info under cut )

I'll be making another post later outlining mailing procedures. Short version: we WILL be collecting feedback. On communication, whether or not a swap was fulfilled, whether items were shipped on time and safely, etc. We'll be recommending you take pictures of your package before you send it, and that you use Delivery Confirmation.

Questions? Comments? While I'm new to swap organizing, I'm used to modding exchanges (just, usually they're of fic) and I think I have a good handle on mailing issues from being in BPALdom. But there may well be something I've missed, and if so, please say!

And finally, many thanks [livejournal.com profile] tonyans1975 for the craft swap suggestion!
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